Saturday, August 7

dari MATA turun ke hati

Orang melayu kita use to say this. Dari Mata Turun Ke Hati. Why eyes? Guess this happens when you catch a glimpse of your loved ones, the feeling will rapidly penetrate right into your heart. Not heart actually, hati is liver, not heart (kene betulkan peribahasa ni lah!)

I'm in Ophthalmology Department now, and so do all my affection, has now turned over to this particular organ, that detects light, and help us to see the world with our very own perception. The EYE.

Look at how beautiful the eyes can be. And not to forget how complex it is, the function of this tiny little organ. Man can never create this miracle. It is God's creation. Subhanallah. Your eyes are at work from the moment you wake up to the moment you close them to go to sleep. They take in tons of information about the world around you — shapes, colors, movements, and more. Then they send the information to your brain for processing so the brain knows what's going on outside of your body.

Yesterday we had pre-test and the first Q was to draw out the cross-section anatomy of the eye. Haaa menggelabah la jugak because- 1. I'm not good AT ALL in drawings. 2. I just started revising 1 hour before test (Malam b4 pre test mmg seriusly xde mood, seriusly teringat bapak and Dhuha kat rumah smp saya betol2 xde mood nak belajar. So esok pagi bru menggelabah bukak buku).

This was my drawing. Ok please dont laugh. Doc cakap mata saya mcm kuih ondeh-ondeh ;p But to my surprise I got 70 for the drawing, oklah kan untuk org yg belajar 1 jam b4 test. hehe. Miss Kim terlupe nk draw and label iris hoho.

After 1 week in this department, I find that working with eyes is very interesting. So sekali sekala dok berangan jugakla jadik eye specialist. Apelagi salah seorang idola saya pun mmg eye specialist- Prof Dr Muhaya. Hmm kerja xsusah. Xpyh oncall selalu coz orang sakit mata xkan mati, i mean something with eyes is not life-threatening, kan so doctor mata rilek-rilek sahaja. Siapa yang nak mata dia buta or xnampak jelas? No one. So patients memang banyak. And if operate mata pun, eg cataract, kalau dah cekap 15 minit boleh siap. 15 minit of surgery and you will get paid for thousands of ringgit. Ok, mata dah bersinar-sinar. Berangan berangan. Tapi berangan xsalah asalkan tahu bertempat (macam lagu Jay Jay angan xsudah). Mr Fendy, eye specialist approved ok? Mane aci Mr Fendy had left me sooooo farrrrr behind that he will finish his Masters before I actually finish my first degree. Mr Fendy dah langkah two steps, saya 1 step pun belum lepas. Aiyyyyakkk sungguhlah kejam. Jangan la pecut sangat bang, kasi chance sikit la kat tunang abg kejar ;p

More on EYES coming up! I'm case-presenting on Hordeolum a.k.a stye a.k.a ketumbit on Monday afternoon after settling my out-patient job in Retina Clinic. Wish me luck!

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