Tuesday, February 16


I think pregnant women are sexy. Yeah, nice intro for my new posting at Obs and Gynae Department of Rumah Sakit Saiful Anwar ;p. There's tremendous miracle in pregnancy, though i havent YET experience them myself, but i can see them through others' experiences.

My mother was pregnant again after she brought me into this planet Earth, so it was 3 times that i happen to share the increadible journey of pregnancies with her. I remembered how she cried 2-3 days (i can hardly recall) before Aidilfitri due to miscarriage, fifteen years back. And how she spent her entire pregnancy (there comes my little brother Afdzal) praying to keep the tiny creature safe and sound inside her womb for another 9 months ahead. I can still remember the doa she used to recite during her pregnancies, i'll practice them during mine of course ^^

NOW i can experience them again and again through my patients. The very first time i watch labour process was last year during my clerkship. Whoa, it's already been a year! It was such an experience that i nearly burst into tears imagining how my mother suffered such a painful experience 4 times throughout her reproductive years. Then i grabbed my phone, texted her-thanking her for being such a great mother and how much i appreciated and love her ;)
Okey that's it for now, i'll post other entries regarding what i learn at the hospital next time!

Ps : Mak, thank you. Tempat nurul bukan di sini kalau bukan sebab mak.

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