Thursday, February 18


It's 0145 am WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat) in the morning and my eyes are still wide open. I just finished editing my morning report presentation for tomorrow but havent started a SINGLE revision YET about the topic i'm going to present tomorrow (esok mesti kene hentam habis2an dgn Dr Siti Chandra Sp OG nie!mati!).

This is what i'll be facing on every oncall. Doing my work as a practical student from 1500 pm up till 0600 am the next morning. In between that, stealing some golden time preparing for tomorrow's morning report (the so-called golden time is usually around 1200-0300 am in the morning when other people are sleeping soundly on their cozy beds!). And i'll be facing the same routine of work for the rest of my life - that is when my black hair will turn white faster than the normal biological clock should be OR when some small small wrinkles started to fill in my complexion. Ohhh xmahu fikir!!

My job description in Kaber (kamar bersalin) as a practical student are as stated below :
1. Datang on time
2. Tiap kali patient baru msuk, amik darah, fill in borang permintaan lab and ukur tanda-tanda vital (heart rate, respiratory rate, bp)
3. Siapkan partus set bile si ibu dah pembukaan lengkap (complete dilatation)- dat is 10 cm
4. Pada ibu-ibu yang Pre eclampsia or impending eclampsia, kasi injection IM Magnesium Sulfat di buttocks kanan and kiri bergantian sampai bp stabilized (it really hurts ok, bygkn injection 12.5 ml ubat in one time! masuk 5 ml pn dh terasa sakit apa lagi 12.5 ml!!)so ibu akan menjerit2 and my another job is to calm her down, kdg2 dgn sedikit tipu helah spy die tenang ^^
5. Bile saye dh naik pangkat jadi senior nanti, saye boleh menolong persalinan normal, keluarkan placenta and jahit episiotomy. Insyaallah..semoga skill akan lebih baik! Go Kim!!
6. Not to forget 2 minggu outstation to Rumah Sakit Daerah Wlingi

Gotta go. Sebab belum solat isyak. and belum belajar. Assalamualaikum and good morning!!


  1. hehe...ingat lg zmn dulu2..kena belanja partus..belanja SC..
    kasi injection boka-boki...
    yg paling x larat kena observe contraction sambil...